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Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

Address: 2500 S Tri-Center Blvd, Durham, NC 27713

Contact person: Mike Glendenning


Packaging Notice

Avoid the product being damaged from collision or drop down during the transportation, we offer some information and advice dedicate in packaging method. Please follow the requirement aforesaid.

  1. Please mark RMA No. / Name of Customer / Address / Contact Person on the outer carton.
  2. Multiple RMA numbers can be used in the same carton.
  3. Please prepare cushioning materials such as newspaper or bubble wrap etc.
  4. For the outer carton, please choose solid and strong material.
  5. This limited hardware warranty covers test and repair services for the product hardware itself, not include data recovery and backup service. Please be aware of that we don't take any responsibilities regarding any data losses or damages due to transportation or other issues.


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