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Warranty Period

The Toshiba T10 systems shipped after Oct 2nd , 2019 are covered by a 3 year depot warranty. T10 systems shipped prior to Oct 2nd, 2019 are covered by a 1 year depot warranty. claim you shall provide information in relation to the defective product(s). The information required would include model, serial number, invoice number, shipping date, and possibly photographs of the defective part(s).
The Service Center will, at its discretion, repair or replace the motherboard, barebones, small board, power supply or other such part. The cables and mechanical parts, including chassis, rail, heat sink, I/O shield, etc. of the product are excluded from the coverage of this warranty.

The product will be shipped to the Service Center for replacement or repair. You shall pay for the one-way shipping charges from your location to the Service Center. If no defect is found on the returned product, if it has defaulted due to (a) physical damage by the user, (b) use of external components not included in the original product, (c) misuse by the user, (d) unsuitable power sources or environmental conditions, (e) normal wear and tear, or (f) damaged during shipping en route to the Service Center, you are fully responsible for all fees incurred for returning the product to your location. The Service Center will not be responsible for any losses or damage to the product incurred while the product is in transit or is being shipped for repair. Insurance is recommended.

The Service Center will return the repaired product around 14 working days after the products have been received at the Service Center. If parts such as the CPU, DIMM, HDD, Power supply need to be replaced, the product will be returned around 30 working days after it has been received.

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